What Microsoft tool is 80% of Fortune 500 companies using?

Microsoft and all of its software is used globally but not to its potential. Yes we all use Outlook, Word and Excel, but what about the other software Microsoft offers? When paying for a license (premium) you want to maximise your moneys worth. There are so many applications that people aren’t even aware of, such as Microsoft Teams, One Note, Access, SharePoint and more! 

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams enables your business to work more productively by offering a secure location that brings together your business needs. Microsoft teams is a platform known for its integration of workplace functions. From calendars, meetings, chats, calls, shared files, collaboration and integration of applications; Microsoft teams is an all in one user-friendly application.

Microsoft Access

Access is Microsoft’s database management system that provides a graphical user interface (GUI) and software development tools that allows for stored data or imported data from other databases. With Access, you can use data to create forms, tables, queries and reports.

Microsoft One-Note

One-note allows you to jot down your thoughts before you forget them. Then, notes can be shared with others. Much like a digital notebook, the application automatically saves and syncs notes. One-note was introduced as a standard Office application in 2013, allowing even more users to be able to share their typed notes, drawings and screen grabs with other online users.

Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint is Office’s document management and storage system, allowing users and groups to set up password-protected document sharing in a secure, organised location. It’s a popular tool for businesses, with 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies using it.