SPAM. So Pointless And Malicious. Jokes aside, SPAM is irritating, i think we all feel the same way. It can also be convincing and hard to pick out. This is what makes SPAM dangerous. 

What is SPAM?

SPAM is unsolicited emails. These emails have evolved to become a criminal activity in order to capture personal data from all of us. Now obviously we put SPAM straight into our deleted items, but how can we tell if an email is SPAM? This is the issue causing a lot of malicious attacks on individuals and businesses.

What should we look out for with SPAM?

First things first, check the sender! Generally SPAM comes from an unusual email address such as “”. This is the first give away, secondly, the email signature and the format of the email, SPAM generally has quite obvious errors in there formatting that indicates it being unprofessional. If you’re still unsure forward the email to and we can help you determine whether the email is real or fake.

Can you stop SPAM?

You can never completely stop SPAM. However we can provide you with a software which prevents malicious emails from coming through at $2.97 a month. Advanced Threat Protection provides comprehensive protection by leveraging trillions of signals from the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph and analysing billions of emails daily.