Dropbox Business Solutions offered by Right Click IT

Dropbox Business is a powerful storage and collaboration solution that allows business systems, software and employees to access files anywhere anytime with almost any device. If you care about security, control and ease of use then let Right Click IT show you how to get the best from this cloud hosting solution.

Dropbox as part of Right Click IT’s total cloud package delivers:

  • Value when it comes to cloud hosting solutions including Dropbox.
  • Tools to ensure a smooth and seamless transition to cloud based systems.
  • Full functions and training of Dropbox and it’s features.
  • Support and a safetynet so your monthly investments are stable.

With the power of Dropbox business owners and employees can:

  • Save files and folders to Dropbox and automatically sync changes across all devices without worrying about physical hard-drive constraints.
  • With Smart Sync your files and folders take up virtually no space until you need them with LAN and Delta Sync technology.
  • Access files and folders from anywhere in the world
    Quickly & securely share any file or folder, no matter how large or small with co-workers and customers even those without a Dropbox account.
  • Granular Permissions that manage membership at the team folder or sub-folder level and grant people inside/outside the company access to only the specific folders they need.
  • Assign a member to a group to immediately have access to all files and folder in that group (new employee on-boarding ect…)
  • Access files offline and in areas with limited internet connectivity
  • 120 days of file revision history and back-up (Protection against ransomware and viruses)

With Dropbox Business Admin, Your IT Admins can:

  • Conveniently track how data is shared with individuals inside and outside your company
  • Monitor which files are being shared and control access to company data
  • Manage security with Single Sign-On (SSO), Active Directory integration, and two-step verification
  • Easily scale storage capacity in sync with company growth
  • Control devices connected to their Business Dropbox of members
  • Remote wipe of devices and account transfers
  • Active directory and account integrations
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Currently, more than 500M users and 200k businesses already use Dropbox to increase productivity and lower costs.

Brands & Businesses who increase productivity with Dropbox Business. Find out how at Right Click IT.