Complete Central Email Signature Management
Offered by Right Click IT

Email Branding

Include your company’s branding and correct personal details on every email. Automated email signatures ensures every email contains consistent, professional branding. Companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on designing and maintaining their brand image, using logos, signage, business cards and even elevator music to draw attention to their brand. Yet when it comes to the everyday email, the most common touch point with customers and prospects, the all-important brand is so often left to the whims of the email sender.

Email Disclaimers

Company-wide email disclaimers can be created so you can rest assured that each email sent contains complaint disclaimer. These days it’s vital to be 100% confident that every email being sent from your organisation is compliant with the laws and regulations of the recipient’s country, or else be prepared to receive a hefty penalty! Different countries maintain different policies regarding email disclaimers. As a guideline, the European Union states that every email must include the company’s name, its registration number, its place of registration and its registered office address.

Email Advertising

Every single email you send could promote your latest product or company news, but your marketing department currently doesn’t have the ability to easily add promotions or banners to company emails. We append signatures as emails are sent, so that any graphics or banners are not stored in your local mail files. You are able to target your email advertising based on the email domain of the recipient, the month of the year, or even based on a list of target products for that customer.

Mobile Email Signatures

Complete Creative Control

Centralised Management

Your professional email signature gets appended on all emails sent from any device – maintaining consistency across the entire company. You can be sure that all emails leaving your company are branded correctly and display the correct personal contact details. No longer do you have to worry about the lack of control that mobile devices provide, you can now feel free to give employees permission to use their own mobile device for work emailing and be confident that their communications are as professional as always.

Get started by using one a pre-made templates, and then make your required changes. Use our rich-text or HTML editors to build your email signature design, right from scratch. We want you to create the perfect email signatures for your company. We don’t restrict you to using a set of specific templates. We have creates an easy to use editor which gives you the ability to completely customise your signatures exactly the way that you want.

Crossware Mail Signature provides centralised control of your email signatures. These can be configured using our simple, yet powerful, configuration database. You don’t need to know complicated HTML code. No setting changes are needed on your desktops. Best of all, if you update a user’s contact information or job title in the directory, that change will be automatically updated in their email signature as soon as the change is made.

Intro Mail Signature

Mail Signature for Office 365


Crossware Mail Signature works “in the cloud”. This means there’s nothing you need to install or keep up to date. Use Crossware straight from your web browser.


No need to use any specific email client or app – just send email as you usually do, from any device and Crossware will include your beautiful email signature.


Crossware Mail Signature is hosted within Microsoft data centres across the world, which means that your emails will never leave the Microsoft cloud at any point.