Extended Version History

Retrieve data you thought was lost

Use the Extended Version History (EVH) Add-On to recover any file you’ve deleted or changed for up to 10 years.

Count on version history and data protection for up to 10 years from day one. Rest assured that non-deleted content are available for audit, regulatory compliance, and data
retention requirement needs.

Recover old files for up to 10 years. Never again worry about keeping track of or backing up your content, especially on long project cycles with lots of iterations and archival requirements.

Creative Tools

Collaborate on large media files quickly

The Creative Tools Add-On enables creative teams to manage their large professional media files more easily, no matter what industry they are in.

  1. Fast feedback. Share and collaborate with numerous reviewers
  2. Take work offline. Make complex content conversion easy
  3. Secure content delivery. Package and send final assets securely


An intuitive electronic signature solution for the modern businesses

The new HelloSign eSignature and storage solution allows you send, sign, and store important agreements in one seamless workflow—without leaving Dropbox.

As workers across the globe adapt to new ways of working, businesses are looking for simple solutions to accelerate growth and eliminate time-intensive manual processes where paper documents can take days or weeks to complete. With electronic signatures your documents can be signed and sent in a few clicks from anywhere, anytime. Matter of fact, Dropbox has helped businesses improve contract turnaround times by as much as 80%, while providing a court-admissable audit trail.

Click here to find out more about HelloSign

Data Governance

Offers greater security and control team data so they’re prepared for any compliance or audit needs

The Data Governance Add-On makes it easy to manage, secure, retain, recover, and audit data.

  1. Peace of mind that your team’s data is secure, discoverable, and retrievable when needed.
  2. Minimize costs by no longer needing to use a 3rd party tool for legal holds and retention policies.
  3. Reduce the burden on IT of having to manually prepare documents for audit or litigation.
  4. Data Governance Add-On Create and implement policies that define how long content must be kept.

Data Migration

Quickly migrate files and permissions to Dropbox

Migrate files and associated permissions from on-premise file servers and existing cloud storage solutions to Dropbox Business

  1. Expedite migrating files and associated permissions to Dropbox Business
  2. Accelerate and streamline user onboarding and deployment
  3. Full visibility with robust analytics, reporting and monitoring

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