Food for Thought: Ausfine Foods International cuts costs while improving productivity.

For a multimillion dollar international company operating all over the world, access to data quickly and reliably is imperative. The solution was to install a central terminal server accessible from any internet connection, however no work could be done offline making for a very unproductive environment whenever there was an internet or power outage or when the server was slow. So, although centralised was also a single point of failure whenever there was downtime or slowness.

While the team needed to have secure, centralized data it also needed the flexibility of accessing information when offline ie. plane trips, countries with unreliable internet etc and the result was Dropbox.

Enabling a decentralised central global system.

Nowadays no matter where the executives or sales staff are, they can quickly access information they need to get the job done which ultimately improves on their productivity.

CEO Garry Embleton said: “Initially we were skeptical about Dropbox as it was seen as more of a personal based system and not one used within a corporate international business. However, this has been one of the most seamless migrations to a cloud based system and the reliability and accessibility bundled with the security and flexibility means we’re all now all more productive regardless of where we’re working from.”

The teams at Ausfine now have the ability to access information regardless of the state of the network and their location, and as an added benefit they now have the ability to collaborate on files directly with suppliers and customers removing the need to email files back and forth.

Milking it for all it’s worth

Dropbox has not only streamlined and made more efficient the way Ausfine works it has allowed greater functionality across its operations.

“We’re able to spend time on what we do best rather than trying to resolve performance and connection issues and trying to work on files from our emails when the system was down. We had so many problems prior to Dropbox and I would now say we’re at least forty percent more productive since we moved to Dropbox Business. Said Garry.