Why Office 365

Most businesses when they start want to keep costs low, and when it comes to having a website some of the options are provided free and included with the website hosting.

As a business grows the reliability on email becomes more and more crucial but the cost of free never changes.

When asking a business how long can you go without your website, or how long can you go without your mobile phone depending on the type of busienss might not be such a large impact, however being without email or losing email can make or break a business and in some more extreme cases be cause for litigation.

So why in that case would you spend nothing on a part of the business that is crucial; the reason is usually that it works and we’ve never had any issues.

I wish I could say the same about so many other businesses that have felt first hand what a lost hard drive which means lost email, a small issue with a web host where mail has been lost, misdirected, never delivered and sometimes never sent, or a host who’s lost emails and beause the email system is a secondary add-on to the web hosting there are usually no restore options and no care given. The fact of the matter is that if you’re using free email accounts from your web hosting provider you’re asking for trouble.

The answer is a system dedicated to serving and protecting your email; making sure it’s never lost, that it’s always avilable online and offline, that email is being sent and that email is being deliverd, reliable and robust regardless of what’s happening with your website and other systems.

Microsoft has been in this space for a long time and their development of a business grade email system called Exchange has been around for a long time and has come a long way since it started, however the concept is the same, all mail in one spot accessible from any device at any time, anywhere. Now with the introduciton of Office 365, you’re given a 50GB mailbox reliable access through Outlook or Outlook Webmail online, connection from tablets, smart phones, PC’s and Mac’s and a secure sending system knowing that the email you’re sending is going to be delivered.

There are so many other benefits to this business grade email system as it was designed to increase productivity and communication between employees in an orgnisation, with the added benefit of being able to share calenders, contacts and in some cases entire mailboxes with employees and personal assistants.

There are also various plans you can choose from, depending on how you want employees to access the mail, either giving them access via web mail only, or being able to add it to Outlook or MacMail or connect their phone and tablet or restrcit that access altogether.

If this is somthing you’re interested in and want to know more as not one case fits all, we’ll be happy to talk more about options and solutions that best suit your business.